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Today We Are Canceling the Apocalypse

Hi everyone! The quote I'm doing is from the movie Pacific Rim. It's one of my favorite movies and I think it's an awesome quote!

Here is my brainstorm:

I really like old vintage travel posters, as well as vintage military posters, but I'd like to try and combine these with the sleekness and modern-ness of sci-fi.

Here are some inspirations that I found:

Travel posters:

Military posters:

Sci-fi inspiration:

Here are my word explorations!

And here are my first thumbnails:

If you haven't seen the movie:

The winged star badge thing is the logo of the jaeger (robot) that is controlled by the main characters. The circle-spiral thing is the reactor that powers the jaeger (important to the movie!) The creatures in the second to last thumbnail are the monsters (kaiju) that are destroying cities/mankind.

(Update 2/17)
Finally got around to making some nicer sketches!

I think that the first one fills the space a little better, but I'm partial to the second because of the kaiju, and it feels a little more organic somehow... hmm. Perhaps I'll play around with more decoration to see where I can take it!

I took my sketch into Photoshop to do some quick adjustments and add some experimental decoration:

I think it's looking much fuller and complete now! Can't wait to start inking...

(Update 2/18)

Here are a couple more sketches! I took the comments into account and moved some elements around, and made 'apocalypse' more prominent...

The second sketch feels more effective to me... I think with the previous designs I got caught up in the kaiju decoration and forgot about the type!


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