Today I noticed...

A young asian guy walking towards me. He sat down next to me and yawned. Then he closed his eyes. 

His name is William. He is a tired freshman at Georgia Tech with a 12 o’clock class and the sniffles. High above William’s head hang the flags of dozens of countries. William’s family moved from China to Massachusetts in the 1990s. 

I try and picture this young couple pregnant and planning to move to America before their daughter is before. Their first baby girl arrives early and is born in China instead of America. Then when William is born next, he becomes the first native born United States citizen in his family’s lineage. He forgets that sometimes. 

Now he is 18 years old, living 1,094 miles from where he grow up, and taking linear algebra at Tech. He is a computer science major and works as a student assistant in one of the computer labs on campus. This makes for a long day. And the sniffles don’t help.