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Today I noticed as part of my diary

I started this project as part of trying to start a writing habit. I begun a few weeks ago by adding the routine Today I noticed in my diary. I really have loved the process and it has made me see a new side of my writing and inspired me to think from a new angle. 

I write i swedish so sharing my project is a little bit of an extra challenge. But I thought I'd give it a try. Mostly because I think this course really has given me something and wanted to give something back to show that I enjoyed the class!

So here are two of my favorite today I noticed.


April 17th

Today I noticed how writers write. I noticed different ways of using tense, how to write a dialogue. I read. I listen. I noticed that it makes me write. And it makes me dream and wish of things that I feel I can do. I noticed that I notice words and language and I noticed that I have missed it.


April 22nd

Today I noticed that when I woke up I felt like I was totally ready to get up and out of bed and start the day. But at the same time my head was not. It wasn't done. Body attack. Blood in my vains. But I had to snooze my mind a few more times. The sun is reaching in behind the curtain and for a minute I lose my self in a deep breath. Then my head starts spinning. It goes on and on about things like Whats for dinner? Am I going to take that run now or later? What time do I pick up the kids again? What about work? Whats todays mission? It itches and I have to get up. Getting ready for monday.


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