Today I Noticed - Day 1

Today I Noticed - Day 1 - student project

Today I noticed that once I sit down, I can actually complete tasks in one setting. It's something that I've tried before, multiple times, but how my discipline is set up.... it takes me a minute. Although I dedicated Monday's as Mae's Mondays, I was able to still complete a lot of school work. Not sure if it's because Devin's work vibes rubbed off on me or because I knew it needed to get done so I forced myself..whatever the reason, I'm glad. I pray to stay consistent, not consumed, but consistent AND I pray to keep Christ at the center. As I was saying to myself in the shower, because I do talk to myself in the shower, it is not as though the ventures I want to pursue are ungodly but self-focused. I want to do it, I want the credit, and I want the residuals --> selfish. Today, I also noticed my level of self-centeredness. I am beginning to notice it quite a bit. From when my guy keeps me up to date on the progression of his work and I come off disinterested and not even trying to engage, to my daughter who is excited to share nuggets about her past, present, and future but I'm so caught up with what all tasks need to be completed and how much time I have. Today, I noticed how much I need to get off of myself.