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Toby's First Christmas

I might embellish these dinky littles summaries later. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go with the Christmas story right now!

Toby's First Christmas

Toby is my dog, and the first one that is really mine, and not my family's. On his first Christmas, when he was about 8 months old, I was really excited to spoil him, and got him a really nice toy as a present. A little too nice it seems! As when I went to cut off the tags, so he wouldn't get hurt... he got in the way aaaand got hurt. Barely, as it turns out, don't fret, it was a cut in his nostril about two millimeters long. But I of course panicked really hard and we rushed around for paper towels to staunch the bleeding, and oh no the dog stopped crying after less than a minute but he's still wriggling oh he must be really hurt-

Nnnnope. He just wanted his toy (and the paper towel to shred if you don't mind!) All of us people were way more terrified and upset than him!


This one is a story from when my brother and I went to Disney World. We tried to escape the heat by going on a ride we remembered from when we were kids, we talk about how we were so freaked by it when we were small! Haha, oh how silly we were as kids. TURNS OUT IT'S STILL REALLY FRIGHTENING WHOOPS.

Turtles In Mexico

The last one is a bit slower, and not a funny one, just a nice memory. As a teenager on a trip to Mexico, my family went wandering around Puerto Vallarta, and stumble across a tour place- and end up not going on a tour at all but just randomly getting invited to a nature preserve's project that night to release a bunch of baby sea turtles! We show up that night, a little scared and weirded out- there's these boxes on the beach but no one's there...

... but the volunteers show up soon, and they're really nice to us dorky American tourists, and we totally got to help this mass of baby turtles get to the ocean. :)



Still assembling pictures, but here's my layout


Aaaand some mostly out-of-order and weird thumbs. Getting the ideas out, will put things in order during the first pass.


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