ToDay I Noticed

Today I noticed the sky it was not sunny like always I noticed the sky was a pretty gray color. Just like my boyfriends car. driving around its a  slow yet fast day today. my son had speech therapy and he has learned so much. I noticed that I have been more into getting in to school and that's a good thing. But also trying to get a job and where. sometimes I feel lost and stuck in one place when it comes to jobs and looking for one. Today I noticed that I was not sad but I felt like a normal person. I suffer from anxiety and depression and some days I don't feel like myself but I'm learning to get over how I feel and trying to stay happy and  focus on what I want in my life. its hard at times for me but I know I can do it just will take sometime but that's all I noticed today was chill day. 

today I woke up ready for the day. I was not sure what it was going to bring .But like always I spent the day with my son who is always so hyper. and my Boyfriend who is so loveable. Today I noticed that it was windy and cool. The weather has been so off lately here in Arizona. I felt the same as I did yesterday normal not sad. But I did notice my boyfriend and how he was feeling today. He looked annoyed and tired he has a few things going on in his life . Its effecting me but I try to not let it get to me. I can only think about staying positive for him and my son to. I noticed how bad the traffic was today seeing how it is Friday. I also thought about how I need to learn how to drive so my poor boyfriend dose not have to drive me everywhere. but I love him for that I always give him gas money when I have it. We went to a new Walmart today that was ok lol same as any other Walmart. I Noticed how I wrote more then I did yesterday.   

Nothing really happened today just watched tv. And watching my son running around I went to the store with my boyfriends mom. And we got some stuff the store is like a big warehouse and so many people everywhere. Food there was food everywhere to and people who handed out food for people to buy. it was a nice day I felt normal like I said a few days ago on how I'm always feeling sad. but still trying not to be. when I'm not feeling ok the day goes by so slow and I think about how I  just want my sadness to go away. And I just want to be the Tiana I was before not a lot of people understand me and what I feel. but I'm happy about that because this pain my not feel like hurting pain but its hurting my thinking and thoughts. Also the way I look at life and yeah the day ended and I went to sleep.  

Tiana Davis
Dont just think write it down.