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"To the whales!" Editorial Illustration

Because I would like to get into editorial illustration I have chosen an article from a local magazine called "Australian Traveller". I found an interesting piece about the humpback whales that migrate past the east coast every year - they are very curious creatures and will swim up to boats and their spectators to check out the action.

This is the link to my Pinterest board...

19/02/14  My first page of thumbnails.

My 2nd page of thumbnails: I have decided go with the layout above right that has a double frame around it - I think the proportions are best. A large humpback whale is playfully blowing bubbles up under the feet of the delighted tourists above it.

This my first sketch of the final layout. I'm happy with the composition but am toying with the idea of the whale with a camera pointed up at the tourits, as the article is about these beautiful creatures actually coming up to see the people watching it. A nice visual metaphor for the editorial illustration... or not? I will draw the camera seperately and see how it looks with and without.

My final pencil drawing. I took photos of posed legs with my iphone and looked at images on google for the whale reference. I will draw the camera seperately and place later if I deem necessary. Now to start working on the digital...

My final illustration. I decided not to include the second camera as I felt it just confused things. I am so happy I finally learnt how to change the colour of my pencil lines - great tutorial!


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