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Natasha Hodgkins

Motion Designer



To the mountains!!


A perfect weekend for me usually means being outside and exploring. I live in Madrid so one of my favourite things to do at the weekend is head out to the mountains. Funnily enough, this is exactly what I did yesterday (minus the helicopter).

I did the original artwork in Illustrator, probably making it a bit too complicated.


Apart from it being a project about my ideal weekend, I was working with the idea that this could be part of a kid's TV show. I wanted to make a scene that really makes you want to run outside into the world!

I found the class really useful, I loved the development of taking a vector image and changing it into something that looks more handmade. My background is in hand drawn illustration so I love the aesthetics of this project.

In the end I decided not to put the wiggle on the camera as my animation is quite short.

Here's my final video, I hope you like it! Any comments or suggestions gratefully received. I think the next thing I should do is figure out how to animate the helicopter blades.

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Thanks! x


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