Laura Tarrish

Designer and Illustrator



"To start with, we have fried leaves..." A gourmet meal in Stockholm

I took a trip to Scandinavia with another illustrator friend last fall as an inspirational trip for a possible business venture we've been talking about doing.  We tend to laugh uncontrollably when we're together (we live in different cities) and so the journal from this trip is filled with silly private jokes and observations.   One of our more interesting experiences was a 4 hour gourmet dinner in Stockholm at one of the foraged-themed restaurants, currently the rage in high-end Scandinavian cuisine.  Since we didn't want to take photos of our meal (not appropriate at this particular restaurant!) I took notes under the table in a little sketchpad.  I thought a map of our meal might be a fun project.

I would also like to do a map of our whole trip (Stockholm/Copenhagen/Helsinki...then Gothenberg where I met my husband to see our daughter, a professional dancer, perform).

I've uploaded the first pass... I'm going to try a colored version of the meal now!....  (I created all the food drawings, scanned them and placed them onto a scan of the book that was presented to us after the meal!)


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