To my future self


My future-Self,


I hope you are doing well, are healthy, and have found what you want to do in life.

As of now, I am 27 years old, on the verge of being 28 and I am just overwhelmed by coming to the age where I don’t know what to do in the future and clearly can’t see what my future (you) will look like for me.


As you know in this juncture of life I don’t have a damn clue what to do with life. Thiers’s just so much out there to do and so much little I know how to do it. When I look around the friends and family near me, They all seem to know or content with what they do. Definitely, I am not getting on the coding wagon because that is gone for me. I am doing BD for the conventional retail type and clearly, I am missing on the e-commerce wave as well. I am old now to get on the tik-tok and reels trend and I miss my chance with the animation (Thanks DAD for making lame decisions for me).

I clearly know for myself that I am not a conventional guy who can hold down the job and be content with it. Clearly money is important for me but not to such an extent. I mean I am earning decent money now and the job I hold requires a lot of travel but if I have a lot of time for me in hand and that’s the good thing. It’s not a sticker-sucker job it's an old-school BD job.

I seriously don’t want to take the blame road again against my dad as he is not modern but is supportive and not a gambler in life. I can’t do boring 9-6 jobs but I want the connections and like-minded people to be around me. It’s a dilemma that I don’t know what is going on with my life at least on the professional front.

Coming down to health way, I think I am doing pretty well as of now (I hope you haven’t got bald, Please don’t!!!), coming to my love life, ahh! It was never good, I guess gold old Indian marriage is in cards for me but I do hope to find or at least experience it once before I settle down. I hope you have the ups and downs of being in a relationship and get to experience Aae( that’s Japanese for love).

Anyway, enough of the rambling, I hope the bitcoin and stock investment have not gone in vain. I hope you are keeping our parent’s proud and they are healthy. I don’t know if you have settled abroad or have are still in Bangalore, but wherever you are, I hope you are surrounded by awesome friends and family and I hope and pray that you have found the purpose or at least something meaningful to do in life that make you happy and not others.


I hope you are happy and prosperous.



Yours past and my present.