Amanda Jayne

Working at being more awesome!



To live in the present, happy and healthy.

 I want to enjoy the moment. Many, many moments... As many as I can have! Maybe I'm greedy, but I want a long, happy, and healthy life. 

I'm at a stage in my life where I'm ready to start a family with my partner (beyond the fur kids we already have that is). I've done so much and played so hard, it's time to now really look after this body that will one day make a person!

I'm done with cigarettes. I saw myself as a 'social smoker' - smoking when I drank. But there's nothing social about it. It stinks. It makes me wrinkly. And it kills. 

Booze? I'm cutting right back. The ritual of preparing a meal and enjoying it with a fine glass of wine is something I enjoy, yet my social life currently links strongly to drinking culture. So, one drink a night at home maximum, and a four drink limit when out. I'll be the designated driver more.  I'll need support for this. This is years and years of ingrained unhealthy behaviour. 

Food, glorious food! I've been vegan for over six months now (previously vegetarian for 15+ years), so I'm sticking with that. It works for me and makes me feel wonderful, and lowers my negative impact on our planet. Weight has dropped off me since becoming vegan, so I feel healthy and happy with my body, but could do with building up my strength significantly. 

I'll take vitamins every day.

I want to work out at least three times a week. Proper work outs. And be accountable for them. Log them. No sissying out. I want to be strong in body and mind.

I'll continue yoga, and practise mindfulness. I'll continue to develop my spiritual life.

I want to work smarter, not harder, and maintain a reasonable life / work balance.


How will I measure it?

A lower body fat percentage. (I'm yet to investigate this, then will set a goal.)

Run at least five kilometres by the end of 2013.

Maintain exercise regime; level up, and keep track of three workouts a week.

Greater flexibility with yoga. (Select a position / routine to aim for.)

Smoke no cigarettes.

Stick to alcohol limits, and be the designated driver more often.

Leave work on time at least two out of five afternoons a week.

I have so much gratitude for the life I am already living, and am blessed to be me and have wonderful people around me. I want to make that last as long as I possibly can, and hope to share it with warm-hearted, supportive, fun, and friendly people.  

AJ  xx



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