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To let myself free

Drive is to create something or make something that is tangible, something as simple as a weblayout or as complicated as a app that finds music around me. It is all about understanding what I can make and how people will use it and how I can improve it.

It is more about exploring what are the various things I can do in my world rather than being stuck with what I have. As we were taught starting is the biggest step in putting ideas to form so that we can work and exchange over them.

Currently I have two things that I must do
1. Start a Video log
2. Make a DOTA 2 (Defense of the ancients) Card game

The vlog I've started my listing out probable names that I could have for it as for the card game I'm starting to learn how to make cards easily, but I think that is going too far I should first work on what my cards will be like what would be the game play, before I make the cards altogether.

For writing, there are some apps I'd recommend beside Day One.
1. Omm Writer
2. Writer Pro


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