To learn and relearn

To learn and relearn - student project

Day 14:

To learn and relearn - image 1 - student project

Day 13:To learn and relearn - image 2 - student project

Day 12:

To learn and relearn - image 3 - student project

Day 11:

To learn and relearn - image 4 - student project

Day 10:
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Day 9:To learn and relearn - image 6 - student project

Day 8:
To learn and relearn - image 7 - student project

Day 7:

To learn and relearn - image 8 - student projectDay 6:

To learn and relearn - image 9 - student project

Day 5:

To learn and relearn - image 10 - student project

Day 4:

To learn and relearn - image 11 - student project

Day 3: Creating with

At the beginning of this project, Dylan emphasized using a material that is not really precious, so we wouldnt be afraid to use and utilize it in abundance. I've had/use these markers all the time and every day for general note taking, so I feel comfortable with them and I love them. I never play around with styles, and I don't think too hard about them. Perfect for this. Usually I devote 15 minutes, but I only had 10 today because I was doing this so late at night. 

To learn and relearn - image 12 - student project




Day 2: Recently, I learned

Illustrate something you recently learned. 

After inadvertently receiving a tarot deck in December, I do a three card spread every day to get better acquainted with the cards.  I have drawn "the empress" so many times that I have some to recognize her and her meaning from memory. However, I started off this challenge exactly as dylan told us NOT to - drawing from memory and focusing on one image. Oops.

To learn and relearn - image 13 - student project


Day 1: Currently Listening to

Illustrate something you are currently listening to. 

I really enjoyed this because it is so apparent in my head - the banner on my phone informs my day - things I have in queue, goals I have, friends I need to keep up with all related to the things I am listening to. I'm trying to spend less than 15 minutes per day on this, so I can do it as a small, burden less process. I think I used to think of it as so time consuming, but it doesnt need to be. 

To learn and relearn - image 14 - student project