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To break the rules (roles)

Dear Rylsee,

Yesterday late in the evening I watched your video lessons and I had such an enjoyable time that I absorbed everything you expressed.

To cut a long story short, I woke up in the morning and immediately knew that I have to develop something I am proud of. First I had your quotation in my mind "Take your time to take your time", but then I found this  idea already developed on your instagram account. So typography came to my mind and ways to work with letters, to shape them, to apply them in order to express messages and feelings. The word "BREAK" is a strong word - breaking rules, breaking roles - things falling apart, breaking up.

Here are my thumbnail sketches
Since my scan apparatus does not function correctly at the moment, I had to take pictures of my sketches which do not look really professional - I must apologise for this. But I think everyone gets an impression of my sketch ideas. I wanted to mix script fonts and serifs or non-serifs. I was not sure about the "normal" letters at that moment. But I was sure that I wanted to emphasise the word "break" in its literal sense.


My bigger sketch


Thank you very much for your tip concerning the grid. This was really helpful for reproducing and elaborating the thumbnail I finally chose to finalise.

My final work


So here is my final result. I looked at many images you developed and spontaneously, I decided to develop a "noise" background knowing that I cannot go back during this stage of inking process. Well, it`s not perfect but since I am a fresh starter in this field of lettering I am pretty proud of my final work.

I also tried to multiply my artwork with a texture which I like very much.


And here is part 2

As you proposed, I uploaded my final work and had a look of it on instagram. Yes, I really liked it but my stomach said that it needs some fine tuning - what I did not like is the imbalance, since I have not yet enough experience to anticipate the length of words. And so I came up with another sketch. After all, these projects are always connected with your time management...

Sketch 2 (although I liked the drawing of my first sketch of "BREAK" very much - however, hand lettering isn't like digital work where you pull some fonts out of another file, unfortunately...)


And here is my final result



I have a question concerning the finalisation: Do you just scan your work and then save it in Photoshop without further preparations? You do not vectorise your work, do you? Do you work with further digital textures or filters to "polish" the final artwork?

Thanks a lot for the fun I have with your learning session and for the multiple tips you gave AND the inspiring motivation.

All the best, 


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