Sookie Sachs

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"To bleed white, or not to bleed white- that is the question:" - Hamlet (in part)

I started out looking at fairy pictures for inspiration, but changed my mind and decided to draw a butterfly.  I used the wings from the girl holding the apple as my inspiration.


I am not the best artist so I only drew half my butterfly and used it to draw the shape in Illustrator.

Here is my original drawing:


I completed my design in Illustrator and actually added the extra step of exporting the file to a psd and then reopening it in Illustrator so I could go through the steps of tracing and image and vectorizing something (very handy).


I would like to have a sticker that looks exactly like it does above, using a black bleed for mistakes, however, I think the antennae would be flimsy and I am not sure if this is doable for a sticker.  

Therefore, I worked up a version with a white bleed around the design.  Below is the sticker with the white bleed.


Thanks for the practical information.  It is much appreciated.


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