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To be truly simple, you have to go really deep.

I was an engineer by training but during my years of working and startup my business. I am deeply touched by well-designed everything.

Everytime I saw a simple, elegance design like Sori Yanagi's flatware, I was amazed. It's beyond engineering. Engineering is about to making thing right. But design is about making the thing beautiful and most times - useful.

I've collected tons of quotes in many languages. I love quotes, it's the crystallise of one's experience.

Mood board

Last Friday I got my minimal set of tools, along with what I can do right now before finish lession 2. And I found this is a very reliefing activity because I am also in a middle of wrapping up my previous startup along with some itching legal and equity issue. This simple drawing refreshes me like no other thing. (for your information, I was in a Critical Mass Cycling event in Taipei, it's also relexing but not as much as pure like draw letters)

(Here's the tool I began with, definitely something to be remembered. And of course the "Simple" demostrated what I was capabable of right now.)

Don't have enough time today. This is my progress so far.

2013/11/6 Blackletter got me for about 2 weeks. I did some study on it. As an Asian we study only Chinese caligraphy. I have Zero prior knowledge about it before. It turns out that I learned a lot from learning the history of Blackletter and also Fraktur.

After that, I finish another 3 practice in almost no time by comparing to Blackletter. This kind of practice really helped me to got a feeling about the flow of each Alphabeta, the weight, and the overall outlook of the words. This is so much fun.

Thumbnail Practice.

Thumbnail practice is so interesting. Trying out different layout is so much fun. But with limited experience, I was blocked.

On that day, I settled with right lower corner one. It's like an exhibition area. A cyclinder kiosk with glass showing a fantasy 'Simple' and with an open on top says 'To be truly'. In the lower half, I try to make 'you have to' and 'deep' very hard. So 'Deep' is basically buried in the stone like material. One have to go with a shovel. Let's say it design 'a'.

But I want to *simpilify* it by making it flat. So that there won't be too many unnecessary details. Therefore design 'b' was born. With ribbons and a smooth! "Simple" with strong contrast to 'DEEP'. But the hard concept is not that clear.


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