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artist / designer / letterer



To Plant a Garden

For this project, I chose the quote by Audrey Hepburn, "to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow." I come from a gardening family so I've always loved that quote and it immediately came to mind for this project as color and texture could be so fun on this.

For my inspiration board, I found several vintage seed packets.

I worked on several looks for the lettering warm up but really wanted to mix in something ornate.

Here are some thumbnails I started.

And then this one to a more detailed sketch.

I liked the layout so I got more precise and measured the lines out and used a compass for the curve.

A little while later, final sketch ready to ink.

And the inking begins!

I didn't quite think this through until I got the inking process and then realized I would need different sheets for the different colors of flowers! So, 6 pages later, time to digitize.

I'm currently working on color options. Originally I wanted to go vintage tea party but now I feel something more dramatic would be fun.

So, I have the key parts digitized.

Here are some of my top picks on colors that didn't make it :)

I liked the citrusy palette but thought it was a bit too dark for my taste so I softened it up a bit and then added some textures I made. I have never made my own textures and loved it!

I sketched over the letters.

And also stamped some paper to go for that worn, vintage look.

So here's the current version.

I still may go back to the darker one and play around with it a bit more not that I have all the layers in photoshop and think it would be fun to work with more textures on the darker.


I couldn't help myself and had to work on the darker option. I orginally scrapped it but then seeing it next to the lighter one, it just felt so much stronger and I had to take it a step further.

I added some texture and really like how the dark turned out.

UPDATED: I changed the drop shadows inside the banner and darkened the pink flowers.

And the finished piece! I love how it turned out. Thank you for all the feedback and help on this.


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