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Wilson Aigbiremonlen

Honored to have Seth Mosley as a mentor!



To Love You More

What angle did I take to produce the song? 

In producing the song on a low budget, I used some help from Jörgen Anderson, a music producer who is a professional. He has had 16 singles on the Swedish national music chart. So, it was a real privilege to work with him. The song was recorded in his studio. He allowed me to be a part of the production process more than I could ever imagine. It was such an honor. Otherwise, I could not take any credit (50/50) for producing the song as I would have failed the assignment completely. Seth, I hope you will forgive me.

Why did I take that angle? 

I wanted to make the song as best as possible to be presentable and submitted for a music contest. Secondly, I had no recording gears of my own. Even if I did, I would not know what to do with them. Moreover, I love to learn and I wanted to do so in the best way possible. It would also save me some time. I figured, doing something I have never done before, would take quite some time to grasp. So, I thought I would learn best by studying a professional. And that is what I did because I believe that sometimes blessing comes easy to people, in what others have laboured hard for. As a result, I learn to be grateful and take my chances as they comes.

So, how was the song produced?

The producer guided the whole process and allowed me to communicate my ideas that built part of the song. Since I knew virtually nothing about the practical aspect of Music production and don't play any musical instrument, I was communicating, using my ear while the real pro was helping me to get my thoughts across with his knowledge. He knew I needed to learn. He help me a lot. He put cords to the song as I wanted it. And if I wanted a musical instrument to do a trick or sound some how, he would help me to figure it out. While the production was going on, I was asking tons of questions, learning and figuring things out. In the end, I discovered I had learned beyond my expectations. But this is just my first step in music production. 

Final words:

Before the project started off, my interest for music production was little. During the process, I realised that producing a song as to how it should be from every minute detail, was just as exciting as writing a song. One of the things that really encouraged me was the fact that I was complimented by the producer who thought I had a good ear for music which is useful for music production. He encouraged me to give it a real try. After that, I thought music production was something I would like to try out seriously. I'm loving it already. Thanks to Seth Mosley and Jörgen Anderson. 

Just like to add: 

I hope you will forgive me for submitting the song late. It should have been submitted over a month ago. I almost forgot to do so, thinking I had already done it. I also like to add that I had the privilege to watch you perform at the IMMERSE conference 2016 Nashville. You are even more awesome live than you appear on the webb. You are such a humble person, kind and generous. I guess those descriptions become a cliche for people who you engage with. Thanks for the opportunity, invaluable teachings and encouragement you provide for aspiring artists. You have been a blessing to me in every way. God bless you. 


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