To Cultivate Organic Agriculture - A Farming without Pestisides

To Cultivate Organic Agriculture - A Farming without Pestisides - student project

My father is farmer; had so many difficulties while farming due to lack of water and struggled a lot to raise 4  kids. They make sure we all got good education and settle with nice jobs. I always had to stay away from home for schooling, college and for job; completed bachelor of technology in computer science engineering and currently working in a multi-national company. 

There are few things in my mind kept bothering me every time. 

  • Not participating with my father and learn, how to do agriculture. 
  • Good primary education to Children due to lack of money

And my biggest goal of life is to START FARMING accompanying my father and have good results. 

Have passion in teaching; this is where am here in Skillshare. But the way platform is designed and lot of awesome classes around this community made me LEARN. 

Thank You Thomas for great class. Its so inspiring and just gone back to few memories; pulling my dreams from mind. 


Ram S

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