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To Catch a Chipmunk

Feb 19, 2015

I started my thumbnails tonight and working through some of the story. There's definetly still a lot to work out in the first pass, and these thubnails are really rough (sorry!).I feel like I'm starting to flesh some stuff out and trying to get a bit more creative with camera angles. I'll shoot to have another update/first pass this weekend!

Feb 17, 2015

I watched these class videos a few weeks back and started this poject with the intention of having a personal project for my portfolio, but not sharing that project on here. I realized I needed to put something up to motivate myself to finish this project though! Hopefully a few other people will be at the same stage of this project as me and we can motivate each other! :) 

Anyways, here's my initial notes and some rough sketches:

I came up with a couple personal stories, but ultimately decided to go with the one that I thought I could get a bit creative with.

Basically, when I was 3 or 4 I asked my mom if I could have a pet chipmunk. She said if I could catch one, I could keep it (she didn't think a pre-schooler would be able to catch a wild chipmunk). I tried the whole, box on a string think and few other things to try to catch the chipmunk that lived in our front yard for a few days with no luck. Eventually I noticed that the little guy would go hide in a hole dug in the front garden. So...I grabbed the hose and stuck it down the hole, and flooded the poor little guy out (somehow I did NOT kill it, thank goodness! And it also did not bite me when I scooped him up and stuck him in the cage I had). I guess I was a pretty wicked little kid D: 

When I brought my new pet to my mom she was shocked, and told me I had to leave him on the front stoop instead of bringing him in the house. The next morning I ran outside to check on my little friend in his cage only to discover he was gone! My mom still to this day tells me he must have escaped in the night, but I'm pretty positive she let him out (which is a good thing)!  

Here's how I plan to lay out the story in my short, I changed a few things from the truth (ok, I made myself less evil):

Here's some reference I grabbed from the internet! I don't have any pictures with me of the house I was living in at the time (we moved around a lot!), but I found some houses that look similar! Also started looking at some rad '90's little girl fashion and of course chipmunks!

I'm coming up with some rough charaters designs now; still working out my mom and the chipmunk, but here's a version of little me:

I still have a long way to go (like actually starting my thumbnails/boards!), but I think this will be a fun project! Here we go!


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