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To Become A Mindful MultiTasker

I work on a lot of big projects at once and I like it that way. I have a full time job in Arts Education and I spend my days designing and running programs, writing curriculum, training artists, and managing staff. I'm also a part-time faculty member at NYU, I have a small theatre company that produces original work, and I sit on boards and leadership teams for a few organizations. I love all of the work that I do and I can't imagine not doing it all it at once.

Doing so many things has demanded that I be pretty organized. I keep my inbox cleaned up with emails filed away under different tabs. When responding to messages if it includes a task that will take longer than 5 minutes to complete, I use the task list app in gmail to create a task and put it right on to google calendar.

My gmail, google calendar, and the task list have been really useful in keeping me organized. Where things get tricky is that I haven't synced my work Outlook calendar with my google calendar. I don't really want to see my Outlook dates on my google calendar but every now and again I'll schedule something that will be in conflict with something on one of those calendars. I need to figure out how to fix that without feeling totally overwhelmed by the volume of appointments on one calendar.

The diagnostic quiz was super useful. I realized that I'm fairly organized but because of the volume of work that I'm doing I'm not stopping to review projects and tasks as often as I should to check the quality and impact of my work. I need to be assessing my progress regularly. If I can master that then I think I'll be on my way to becoming a Productivity Super Hero!

Open Loops:

I realized a few years ago that if I want to get a good night sleep than I need get all of my outstanding tasks out of my head and on to some kind of task listing system. I started out just using a paper list. Then I discovered Remember the Milk and that was the first app that I used to track my tasks online. After that I used google calendar tasks because I like the functionality of being able to add an email directly to my tasks and to being able to see tasks on my calendar. 

I started using Evernotes and Todoist. I'm loving both programs but the one challenge is that I can't place tasks on to my calendar but I do like that I can add tasks and see them offline and I can download both apps to all of my desktops. 


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