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To Be or To Be: My Fight Against Unproductive Behavior

Type 1: Upholder - 4 Moderate tendency

Type 2: Questione - 5 Strong tendency

Type 3: Rebel - 2 Small tendency

Type 4: Obliger - 6 Very strong tendency

I have always found it easy to acomplish a goal when other people are holding me acountable. Like in college or at work, but, when it comes to personal growth and personal projects, I have found it much harder to keep my motivation going. Specially now that I am out of school and working in my carrer. It is hard to make time to be productive. This is what I want to change. I want to create a habit or being productive. Weather it is setting time out to sit and sketch, design projects, or illustration, I want to make the act of creating into a habit.

The habit of being productive is probably my most consistent habit in the past. During Art School I would work day and night, go to class, come back and work. I think a huge part of why that desire to work hard was there during college is that it was really a deciding factor if i would be able to stay in the United States or not (I am a foreighn national with a work visa sponsored by my employer). That was such big motivation at first that getting home from school and working hard on projects became a habit of mine. Now that habit has broken and I would love to start again. 


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