"Hello below are the responses to the first pass for TndrBox's pitch deck materials..

1. Define the problem your venture is solving and what differentiates your company.
Problem Statement – “Unused talent and unrealized aspiration are a lost opportunity”. Most people are underutilized at their work and even more fail to realize their passion. The web has brought everyone closer but the means to express oneself beyond a blog post or a viral video hardly exists.

What Differentiates us – Most Social platform are either a) helping ‘brands’ build their awareness b) helping people develop skills and be better informed c) finding updates on people and companies they follow. TndrBox puts the user at the center of the universe and helps them accomplish their aspirations, and realize their full potential.
Solution – “TndrBox is a Social platform to springboard your talents and aspirations to reality”. TndrBox user’s sign up to create a personal narrative of what they want to accomplish. This narrative can be anything from “Teaching local School Kids to play the guitar, to creating awareness about social lending with a local farmer. It can also be leaving more than a reasonable tip at a restaurant or contributing to open source”. The idea is to be able to state a narrative with a purpose and execute it. This narrative is executed as a “purposeful delight” almost as an improv. Users in the community will cheer, support and help the user narrative succeed. Tndrbox will also help you find your inspiration that meets your needs. With each successful narrative you build a personal brand, Master something and gain recognition and satisfaction.

2. Articulate what motivates you to devote the next X years of your life to this company and problem.
I have more than my fair share of unused talent and incomplete aspiration and have seen this in other people. There are more solutions to all the problems that go undiscovered than what is addressed, and the society will be a lot better place if we can tap in to those solutions. With TndrBox we intend to help people fulfill their aspirations and use their talent without being held up in their ability to write a great blog or come up with a viral video.

3. Identify your competitors - both startups and big companies that might move in to your space.
Here is a list of companies that are adjacent to Tndrbox but not direct competitors; they appeal to the same mindshare, and hence I have listed them as competitors.
Schemer – Part of Google, Social networking site for Activities
43things – Bucket list, part of Amazon
Jig – Simple, I need ….
Lift – Personal Habit, Personal reinforcement tool (Part of Obvious ventures)
Well – List of things to do
Day Zero Project – Interest list
Distant downstream competition
Idonethis (enterprise tracking tool, funded by Interwest) - personal develop site

4. Do your homework on investors and determine your short list of firms you'll pitch to. Why them?
1) SV Angels – They take risk in new and unconventional ideas. I have heard Ron Conway, and his desire to bet with the entrepreneur.
2) Marc Andresen (Andreessen Horowitz) - They get it! Many great investors missed the AirBnB boat but Marc was able to see it. They make bets that are unconventional.
3) Reid Hoffman – Greylock Partners – He is an inspiration to me.
4) Dave McLure – 500 Startups: I like his edgy, point blank, no sugar coat, cut and dry style of getting the point across. Clear feedback is hard to come-by, its up to TnderBox to take it or not. Plus he is hand’s on. Will help tap in to early adopters.
5) Mitch Kapoor (Kapoor Capital) - He is a visionary, and if he could bet on Second Life then he’s got the courage and vision needed to appreciate Tndrbox.
6) Vinod Khosla (Khosla Venture) – He believes in big ideas and ideas that have a huge prospect of failing. Tndrbox fits that profile very well.
7) DFJ - (Tim and Steve) – I have seen them speak and follow them. If they could backup Skype and SpaceX kind of disruption then Tndrbox is definitely for them.
I am sure there are other angels that I have not looked at closely. But the above is a good first pass.


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