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Tluahalilo Cacti

Colour Palette/ Inspirational Photos/Moodboard

These are photos I took on my boyfriend's grandparents' farm in Tluahalilo (Tlah-wah-lee-lo), Durango, Mexico. I know the town name is hard to pronounce and I would never name a design this, but the name is part of this place's essence. It's a very special place to visit because even though it's so far from my home (Canada) it still has a homey feel. Odd, I know. My bright pink and bright yellows were added later on while I was rendering some of the sketches and could have been included in the palette.

This photo certainlly depicts the ruggedness of the place. Being a prairie girl and having studied horticulture and agriculture the cacti blew my mind.



Repeating Patterns

Somehow I ended up with a line in one of the corners of the repeats, but nothing was crossing over edges. But I'm proud of the way it turned out regardless! I really liked using the Recolour Artwork feature so I created another swatch on another colour palette I did from a different picture I took. The result is more subdued.


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