Title: Tokyo Timelapse | Skillshare Projects

Diana K




Title: Tokyo Timelapse

I've been wanting to make a title for a video timelapse of the sun setting over Tokyo. I took this video last year, and I'm finally now getting around to making the title for it. 

This is the handlettered/type title I started off with:


I knew I wanted to animate the arrow as if I was writing it, so I looked at Jake's 'Write On Technique' class to figure it out. Everything else I just played around with the position, opacity, and scale. 


I'm still not convinced about the final product, but I learned so much in this class already! I will probably continue working on this trying different effects. 

I really like the effect on the arrow, it's my favorite. I'm thinking of making the word TIMELAPSE in cursive and applying that effect to it as well. 

Ok so I  made a few changes, here is my version 2.0. Which one do you like better? Any tips on how to improve the animation sequence would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! 



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