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Title TBD

Step 1: Selecting Your Text

I chose to use four separate poems from The Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters. The selections were "Mrs. Charles Bliss," "Penniwit, the Artist," "Rev. Lemuel Wiley," and "Judge Somers." I chose these four because each of these poems references at least one of the others. I liked the opportunity this created to be able to write a screenplay that explores how these four, separate people could have met and influenced each others' lives.

Step 2: Drafting Your Screenplay

Many of you commented and said to omit the flashback scene, which I did, and instead I added a scene with Penn at the bar alone. I think it gives more insight into his character as well as gives audiences an idea of how Penn and Eva might have met anyways- and still allowed me to keep some of the dialogue I created in the flashback scene. Let me know if this is better or worse than my previous draft!


2ND DRAFT (w/ flashback scene)


Step 3: Writing Your Logline

A young photographer indulges his every whim, and his insatiable thirst for women, with his most dire indulgence being an affair with a respected wife of the town. 


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