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Tiskita Jungle Lodge Activities

Idea is to create a map of the activities offered at the lodge. Hopefully keeping it as simple as possible. :) Check out our website : www.tiskita.com 


Major landmarks: Ocean, Gnobe Indigenous terrirtory, Pavones, Punta Banco, airstrip, forest? fruit orchard? macaw and turtle project? stream

Activities: swimming, surfing, fishing, snorkeling, horseback riding, waterfall, stream pools, hiking, fruit walk, yoga

I had added the activities to googlemaps: 


Hand-drawn trail map: 

Hahaha, so many trails. and not to scale as the orange ones would be all clumped up and the outside ones would be off the map. But I think I can use some to ground the activities one. 

There is one with the cabins, and other landmarks but it gets busy very fast. 


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