Tis the Season Pattern

Tis the Season Pattern - student project

This was an awesome class! I recently learned how to make patterns using Adobe Illustrator, but hadn't considered turning my own drawings into one.

I wanted to do something festive for the holiday season, so I went with doodles of things that reminded me of Christmas/winter.

Here's what I had before cutting up my paper:

Tis the Season Pattern - image 1 - student project

I was hesitant to cut up my work, but it was totally worth it! Here's my tile after the half-drop and filling the empty spaces:

Tis the Season Pattern - image 2 - student project

I don't have a printer/scanner, so I took a photo with my phone and arranged the tile in Illustrator.

Also, my paper warped from the watercolor paints. Since I couldn't get a clean crop of the tile, some areas didn't align properly. I did some touching up in Photoshop--I don't think it's noticeable!

Aaaand here's the finished repeating pattern:

Tis the Season Pattern - image 3 - student project

Thank you for the great class, Julia! I was so happy with how my pattern came out and could totally see myself using this as wrapping paper :)




Cloris Chou
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