Tippler - student project





Tippler is a mobile application that allows users to purchase alcohol from their local liquor store and have it at their door within an hour.

Tippler essentially creates a unified e-commmerce platform, allowing customers to order alcohol from anywhere from the same mobile application. Tippler also allows local liquor stores to reach a larger audience by providing delivery through the application to their assigned area.

Biggest Holes in Startup Idea:

  • Liquor Store risks in delivery (ID Verification/Risk of non-pickup) e.g. the reason most do not currently deliver
  • Gaining enough users to be worthwhile to liquor stores
  • Consumers concerned with too much additional cost vs walking to liquor store

Solutions to Biggest Holes in Startup Idea:

  • Provide liquor stores with mobile ID verification technology
  • Charge 15% restocking fee for non-pickups 


Gauge public interest via LaunchRock page

Success Metric:

100 signups via the registration page.


LaunchRock page created
Have spoken to numerous consumers about the idea, positive reaction. Concerns highlighted in biggest holes.
Have spoken to multiple liquor stores in NYC area - most agree that it is a good idea to provide competitive advantage. Have seen food delivery go the same way (80% food delivery orders are done on mobile). Concerns highlighted in biggest holes.

Trying to learn how to build mobile apps or find technical minded person to create the MVP.

I'm very interested to hear questions/comments/concerns.
Especially in regards to how I could/should actually build it.