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Tiny little treasures

Hi everyone,

When I heard this project assignment, I tried to think about some packaging that I could actually really use. After some thinking, I came up with a kind of enveloppe packaging for seeds I harvest in the garden. 

I wrote my project plans down on paper, but the picture I made is quite dark, so I'll just type it as well:

WHAT:  Seed enveloppe for seeds I collect in the garden
AUDIENCE: Friends I want to share the seeds with, myself next spring
LOOK: I'd love something that includes some illustration next to the handlettering. The rest of the design can be quite simple, but elegant.
DIMENSIONS: 5.5 x 9 cm
OTHER REMARKS: Maybe incorporate some floral design elements? 
                                 General design with a spot to write down the flower name, so I can use it for several seeds?

I looked around for inspiration on the internet, and collected them on pinterest.

I also printed them to make some notes:



Only after I'd done this, I started thinking about what I could actually write on the seed enveloppes, this was a really hard part of the project for me. Finally I remembered a story a friend wrote for a picture I took some time back, which gave some inspiration! I als always plan with this friend that later we will open a shop called "Perelien", which is why this is also included.


And then I started sketching! I have two designs for now, hopefully I can make a few more before deciding on one and finishing that one up, but I hoped for some inspiring feedback along the way.


To be continued ... 


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