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Tiny and Her Butterfly Rescuer

"A graceful little white butterfly constantly fluttered round her, and at last alighted on the leaf. Tiny pleased him, and she was glad of it, for now the toad could not possibly reach her, and the country through which she sailed was beautiful, and the sun shone upon the water, till it glittered like liquid gold. She took off her girdle and tied one end of it round the butterfly, and the other end of the ribbon she fastened to the leaf, which now glided on much faster than ever, taking little Tiny with it as she stood."


I was luck enough to be lulled to sleep by countless wonderful fairytales as a small child, but Thumbelina was always one of my favorites. When re-reading the story for this class assignment, I immediately thought of my sweet pup Stellaluna who recent passed away. One of her nicknames was "Tiny," and since I had been toying around with the idea of using her as a character in a children's storybook (though I've never illustrated or published one before), it seemed like great practice to use her in place of a human Thumbelina.

In any event, this sketch is very rough, but I wanted to get the idea down before it flitted away. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone's work!


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