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Tess Donohoe

Tess Donohoe --- Design & Illustration



Tinsel in a tangle

Border option 2:

Playing around this morning with the other border style since some people preferred the one with the stars. Let me know which one you like the best :)


Color Fun:

Just started playing around with some colors. It's still pretty rough but wanted to start thinking about what colors to use for it :)

Inked Sketches:

Inked my sketches with the updates to the type. Worked on 2 different borders. One with the pen and one with a brush. Had a lot of fun working on this. It was very relaxing inking up my sketch and I definitely learned a lot from working through this project.


Sketching Round 2:

I worked on my refined sketch for my phrase. I cleaned up some of the lettering and spacing but kept the overall concept and lettering styles. I also give the lettering a bit more space around them so it didn't feel so tight. I might add the stars back into the tinsel.

Next up is inking everything.


Sketching Round 1:

Here's my first round of sketches for my project. I'm still considering adding dropshadows but feel it might get too busy. Also it feels really busy right now but I'm thinking if the stars and snowflakes are a really light color it might work.


This morning I worked on my lettering warm-up exercise. Tried to explore some very different versions of the word 'tinsel' and also did a version of the word 'tangle'.


Today I worked on some more rough thumbnails for the 3 ideas I liked the best. 


The first concept uses the ideas of tangles and these loopy lines.

My second concept uses the idea of having the tinsel create a border around the type. This would look really nice I think if it got foil stamped :)

My last thumbnail I focused more on angular shapes with some Christmas illustrations. It has a little Christmas sweater feel to it.


I thought about a few possible applications for this lettering. I ultimately think I would like to make it a greeting card or a little Christmas poster.


I started out with some very rough exploration and a few thumbnails. I went with a few options of using christmas branches and ornaments as part of the decoration around the lettering. I am still coming up with more ideas for it. So next up is some lettering exploration and trying out some different styles for the words "tinsel" and "tangle".

And some very rough doodeling of ideas. I definitely want to take a little more time to sit and sketch out fun ways to letter the words in different styles....So that's next!


I got a late start on the project because I'm in the middle of moving but I finally got around to working on the project. I chose the phrase "Don't get your tinsel in a tangle". I'm going with a Christmas feel and for my moodboard inspiration I chose some vintage christmas cards and decorations. 


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