Tinker Prints

Tinker Prints - student project

This was a project I did for fun to maybe be a spin off company where I could produce prints or doodles. I enjoy doodling and am looking at the possibility of having this be another outlet for me beside photography. I often refer to these doodles as my tinkering, hence tinker prints. This is a mood board that I put together for this. I wanted it to be mostly hand drawn words and doodles. I wanted it to possibly have a frame or an frame type element. 

Tinker Prints - image 1 - student project

Here is some exploration of sketches. I am leaning towards a frame type of label. My vision is to have this created into a stamp and be able to stamp either a label, or a card to insert into every package. I like the look of stamps, the uneven look of the ink. Also, with the stamp element I could change out the color every time while maintaining the constant look.