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We want everyone to take your stuff off those big corporate servers--Picasa, Google Drive, iDrive, iCloud, all of it--and create a cloud that you own and only you can access. If the government wants to see your stuff, they’ll have to get a warrant from a judge and come ask you directly. TFH just helps you build your cloud and creates a secure way to get to it; but we never see or have any copies of the data. Only you do.

We want to help citizens maintain their constitutional right to privacy. The revelations about the NSA collecting and accessing the private digital information of everyone, whether they are suspected of a crime or not, without a warrant, spurred us into making something that will stop that. Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, AOL, AT&T, Verizon--these big companies that you’ve entrusted your private data and communications to have been handing it over to the government without telling you (and they’re not allowed to tell you). We think that now people understand the real downside of putting everything “in the cloud” (of the big internet companies), they’re willing to ditch the ubiquitous and “social” storage solutions in favor of real privacy.

User story:

As a person who has lots of digital files including photos, videos, and documents that are important to me, I want to know that they are private (unless I decide to share them). But I don't want to have to learn a bunch of stuff like encryption; I want real privacy to be easy. 


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