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Kinsey Engelmann

Artist/ Illustrator



Tin Tin

September 9th

I've been stuck with this project. I'm not typically one to put a lot of textures in my work so I've been putting in textures and deleting them because I felt they were too much. So far this is what I've put in that I'm happy with. I'm going to keep working on it but I feel like the progress is going slow.

August 17th

I finally got the time to use the draw inside tool on TinTin, the motorcycle, and snowy. I think they are looking pretty good. Adding in those details made me realize that my composition was way off. Looking at my initial sketch again I realized that I made TinTin way to small so I rearranged the image and am much happier with it now. 

August 7th

Here's my blocked out version in Illustrator. Some of the colors are off just so I can see some of the shapes that would otherwise be hidden (such as his nose and ear). I adjusted a few things from my sketch. The whole scene had to be re-adjusted to allow for a 8x10 composition where my sketchbook is 5x7. Snowy was also too big in my sketch so I shrunk him and rotated him to make it a little more dramatic. I'm still playing with the cloud placement. I don't like where they are compositionally but I haven't found a placement I like yet.

August 5th

After several different sketches that I didn't think told a good enough story I decided to work with a quick sketch of Tin Tin I did for Sketch Dailies last week. I added in the background and updated his motorcycle and now I have my reference sketch. I think it's going to be a fun illustration if I can pull it off.


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