Tin Green Tea Can

The idea for this assignment came from looking around my house searching for a less than good package of goods. I came to discover a box of green tea infused with lemon in the top of a cabinet. The box itself, while obviously having a asian aesthetic seemed bland and lacking of excitement for such a product. From there I drew inspiration from Pinterest looking directly at 1800s package design as well as Chinese design. 



I drew much inspiration an old brewery packaged design, directly taking the banner and incorporating it in my image. From the other examples I viewed, I observed a few key traits from the traditional packages: 1) A bold headline and 2) A center stage, hero, image. With my mood board completed, filled asian design and 1800s packages, I went to the sketch pad. 


Before drawing, I made a few key bullet points, determine the direction I wanted to take my package design into. I wanted to go for an older and traditional look, but also have a model touch. After highlighting some buzz words, fonts, colors, and core ideas of the "company", I then drew up six unique possible covers. 


Taking much inspiration from the mood board, you can see some of the attributes at play in each of the different thumbnails. I decided to go with the image in the first column, second row. To me, it seemed the most aesthetically accurate with the time period of was aiming for and seemed to combine a good amount of Chinese and 1800s elements that would make the overall package seem real. 

Next came illustrator. I can skip past most of the technical mess and skip right to the photoshop mockup I found on the internet. 

Overall, this project took between 4-5 hours and I deeply enjoyed working on this project. I find it amazing to see my designs on a mockup and make believe they can be on a store shelf one day. 


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