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Timely advice

Update: my class is now live:

I found this class at the top of the general home page this morning, just as I'm finishing up my very first class in time for the August Challenge, and planning my marketing campaign for next week. So its perfect timing really to help me get off on the right foot.

This really reinforces that I should be aiming to make a short, focused, high quality class. I will be looking at the second half of the class which I have just started editing, to see how I can make it both more succinct and more compelling for students to a) keep watching and b) start a project.

As a complete newbie teacher on Skillshare, I was planning to use the free enrollment link to entice my off-Skillshare community to enroll, now I will make sure that the people who follow me to Skillshare understand that they need to watch the whole class before leaving a review or completing a project. 

I'm inspired by your offer of a 'free gift' for those who finish the class and post a project. I don't have a digital product (yet) that I can give everyone, but I will think about how I can select a 'winning project' to receive a physical gift, similar to my @meliorss Instagram giveaway (now over 300 followers and still open for another 36 hours).


Thanks for sharing this information is such a clear way. I'll be sure to watch the rest of your classes (to the end) very soon, but now I must go edit!


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