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Stella Hutson

Educator at lululemon athletica



Timeline of Goals

Interview Takeaways

  • I seem most inspired when I am talking about life, future endeavors, yoga, teaching or taking a fitness class
  • I experience a loss of power in my relationship with my ex-boyfriend of three years (noted by three people)
  • One thing that is wished for me is to teach more
  • I am happiest when I'm working with people in a physically active environment
  • I have come back (from a recent three month trip to Spain to cook in the kitchen of a yoga retreat) more inspired and with knowledge of what I want in my life, which has a powerful impact on me and the people in my life
  • I'm always on the go which makes it hard to stop, find time, and connect with people

Through the interview questions and circle exercise,  I have come up with a more clear picture of what I want in my life. And as Eric said, spending time again in Spain, without investment in anything from my previous 'routine' and life, I have come back in a powerful position to start fresh and create my life with everything that I want it to be, none of what I don't.

I Want:

  • time set aside to connect with friends and family
  • to teach yoga
  • to work in fitness, training hard with athletes
  • to have a job that supports me physically, financially, spiritually and mentally while I continue to pursue yoga teacher training courses and find my way to teaching full time
  • to cook and share delicious food with friends and family
  • to continue learning
  • open communication in all relationships

Vision & Goals

My vision for my life at age 30:

I’m drinking red wine in my back yard with friends. The sun is setting, we’ve been outside laughing and talking for hours after enjoying a homemade pot-luck style meal, with locally sourced, seasonal bites that we all contribute to.

I teach yoga full time at a Baptiste Affiliated Studio in the Pacific Northwest. I am known for my power vinyasa classes, rooted in knowledge of anatomy and kinetics, that challenge students to dig deep and evoke transformation both physically and mentally. Each class takes students through a journey of contrast; balancing strength, power, lightness, sweat and laughter. I am active in my yoga community. In addition to teaching, I work with athletes, cross conditioning through yoga to prevent sport related injuries and improve mind-body training to give a competitive edge. I am a registered teacher through Yoga Alliance, hold an E-RYT 500hr certification, and actively pursue continuing education opportunities through workshops, annual Yoga Journal Conferences, and staying involved in the Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Institute.

I exercise in a group fitness setting, loving the community that it creates. I get agility and cardiovascular training 2-3 days a week, strength train 2-3 times a week, and get on my yoga mat for an hour every day. I am conditioned for a variety of activities and move with ease through my days. I love to try new forms of exercise and get moving. I take my bike to the mountains once a month to ride.

I live in the Pacific Northwest, where fresh healthy menus thrive and I go out with friends to try new restaurants and cafes; dedicating this time with friends once a week to connect. Much of my time is spent in the kitchen, preparing meals that are shared with family and friends. My partner and I love to cook together and entertain at least once a month. We make weekly trips to our local farmer’s market, and cook with the fresh, seasonal Northwest bounty. Always looking to try something new, I swap recipes with my foodie friends and take a cooking class every three months. I run a blog that chronicles my adventures between my kitchen and yoga mat. I also contribute to online wellness resources and magazines writing about nutrition, giving recipes, and yoga.

1 Year Goals

I have 50 posts on my blog, Savouring Stella (one per week)

I attend a workshop with Tiffany Cruikshank in Portland, Oregon

I complete my Level One Baptiste teacher training in Sedona, Arizona

I complete my Level Two Baptiste teacher training in Austin, Texas

I complete the Art of Assisting program and begin my Baptiste Teacher cert.

I spend (at least) 30 minutes on my yoga mat every day

I go mountain biking twice a month

5 Year Goals

I hire a website designer to beautify Savouring Stella

I take a course in Anatomy and Kinetics

I am teaching yoga at a Baptiste Affiliated studio, and am in a mentorship program with a senior teacher

I live in the city with friends and ride my bike to work

I take weekly group fitness classes and practice power yoga at a Baptiste studio

I spend 60 minutes a day on my yoga mat

I hold my 500-hour RYT certification

I take a teacher training in SUP Yoga

I am teach SUP yoga and yoga for surfers on the Oregon Coast

I train athletes at Nike World Headquarters in Portland, Oregon

I have my personal training certification

10 Year Goals

I own a beautiful home on the West Coast with my best friend and soulmate

I contribute to an online wellness site and/or magazine

I hold my E-RYT 500-hour certification

I work with elite athletes, cross-conditioning through yoga

My scoliosis has decreased to <10% severity through yoga and physical rehab

I shop once a week at my local farmer’s market, sticking to a grocery budget of $300 per month


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