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Timeless Clothing Brand


Timeless Brand was originally born in Los Angeles, our message remains universal. We create designs, influence  ideas, and embrace lifestyles that won’t die or fade. We operate as cultivators of a new generation, the last of a dying breed, representing the purpose for which you bleed. Our designs are inspired by the lifestyle we live and keep our design an everlasting/timeless piece. Timeless is about innovating to our surroundings in any sort of circumstances and being "that" brand that stays Timeless. "Stay Timeless"


If you notice in some of our design we incorporate a "fox". The fox is a symbol/logo of Timeless. It signifies the endurance and the capability to live in all sorts of habitat around the world, just like our how we will do in this industry. We plan to stay here in the long run, and just like the fox we plan to survive and stay Timeless.

Make sure to check us out www.timelessbrand.net

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Our Fall/Winter 2013 Look Book

Fall/Winter 2013 Look Book Promo Video <------Click it

-Stay Timeless Fam


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