Time to lose that 25 lbs. of baby weight and make fitness a priority in my life again!!

My first son was born April 2012, and while I gained a very healthy amount of weight for a pregnancy (~33 lbs.), it just...stuck. I didn't lose any weight at all after giving birth, and only a few pounds slowly over the next eight months. Granted, I didn't try very hard to lose the weight, but it took a toll on my self esteem anyway. 

The timing of this project, for me, has less to do with the new year than with other timing. I joined a gym several months ago while it was still in the buiding stages, and it just opened last week. They have childcare onsite, so now I really have no excuses to not workout. Only one week in, and I can say that this is a saving grace for me. I've found it quite difficult being a SAHM. Going to the gym gives me a 2 hours a day to focus on myself and socialize with others. Plus, my son LOVES the daycare. I also discovered Fitocracy around the same time as the gym opening, and it is so fun and addictive. I can tell already that it will play a huge role in achieving my goals!

Since right now I am focusing on just getting back into shape, I am doing what I enjoy most: taking group exercise classes. Yoga, Spinning, dance/Zumba, strength, etc. -- just to get moving and have fun. My husband and I will be training for a 5K in March; running is relatively easy to squeeze in as a parent if you can invest in a jogging stroller. I'm also trying to squeeze more activity in as much as possible; evening workout, long walks (preferably carrying the baby), occasional power yoga classes at the yoga studio, Wii Fit, etc. I also would like to try taking a hula hooping class sometime this year.

Let's do it in 2013!!! :)


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