Time to become healthy and fit!

Primary goal - Become a healthier me!

Subgoals - 

  1. recover full operation of my shoulder and knee
  2. lose fat
  3. gain muscle
  4. gain endurance
  5. eat healthier (aka more vegetables, I suppose)
  6. never get diabetes!

Current health status

  • 6'0" and 235lbs, size 38-40 waist
  • right rotator cuff injury (due to racquetball serve...) is recovering but too slowly and with too many returns to pain and injured status (I jump right back in to r-ball or roughhousing and lifting nephews too quickly) - anyone have any thoughts? PT not much help...
  • right kneecap pain related to inactivity (probably shortened quad - stretching this is helping immensely)
  • sleep apnea - may go away with better body composition

Action plan - 

  1. Eat less sugar (complete - usually less than 20g/day)
  2. Eat healthy, good fiber breakfast every weekday (complete - 1/2C old fashioned oats with 1TBSP peanut butter and 1+TBSP ground flax)
  3. Stretch quads, hamstrings, calves, and rotator cuff daily (mostly complete - work on full consistency)
  4. Ultimate frisbee for 2+ hours every Sunday (in progress)
  5. only use stairs at work (in progress - 5th floor)
  6. Buy and cook with more vegetables to eat healthier (starting!)
  7. Weight lift - lightweight, med rep upper body for rotator cuff recovery? medium weight (to resume), low rep lowerbody for knee recovery 2+x per week
  8. Core exercizes every day I don't weightlift
  9. Resume playing racquetball VERY carefully - start by limiting it to 1 game per session 2x per week, and no using the serve which angers my rotator cuff!


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