Time to Fly

Time to Fly - student project

This collection of patterns was inspired during a time in my life that had sudden change. I had to keep moving forward even though the unknown can be scary. I know also almost anything can be overcome with courage. I began to think of courage and birds came to mind. The birds in these prints illustrate that you can look calm, collected and composed on the outside and no one really knows how you feel on the inside. These birds are ready to let go of the past and take flight to new adventures.

I wanted to find a bird that was unique and even a little fancy. I didn’t have a specific bird in mind and started drawing from a few different inspirational photos which created my own species. The bird footprints on the secondary prints represent freedom of movement. Birds have choices to either walk on the ground or to fly in the air. It must be nice to spread your wings and soar.

In addition to the bird and footprint, I felt inspired to add flowers and create secondary and blender patterns after watching the Skillshare class taught by Elizabeth. I feel very fortunate to have learned so much from this class and appreciation for all the other designers out there. I hope you you enjoy my collection as much as I do :) Thank you, Elizabeth, for your course!


Mood BoardTime to Fly - image 1 - student project


SketchesTime to Fly - image 2 - student project


Full Collection


Time to Fly - image 3 - student project


Hero Print

Time to Fly - image 4 - student project     

Secondary Prints

Time to Fly - image 5 - student project


Time to Fly - image 6 - student project


Time to Fly - image 7 - student project


Time to Fly - image 8 - student project



Spot Graphics

Time to Fly - image 9 - student project



Time to Fly - image 10 - student project


Time to Fly - image 11 - student project

Kela Wysynski
artist, designer, crafter