Ryan Vatzlavick




Time to Draw

Ok, lets start this!

After doing my research I went into the thumbnail stage, and came up with these ideas.


1) Skinny guy next to a buff dude

This seems to happen to me a lot at the gym. (Probably the reason I don't go as often as I should) Anyway, I wanted to play with the feeling that a skinny person gets when they are standing next to a huge person at the gym.

Lets start with a rough sketch:


digitally inked:


With color:


2) Punk Rock Kid and Straight laced Business man

In this one I wanted to take two people from different views and have them on a park bench thinking about something that they have the sam view on.

3) Hipster and Girl in a Coffee Shop

This goes back to what I would observe in college at the local coffe shop. An annoyed hipster being asked an obvious question. 

4) Nerdy Monster and Shy Crush

In this one I wanted to draw a nerdy monster receiving a little love note from a secret shy crush and him being shocked by it.

I am pretty excited about each one, so I may just go down the list and draw each one. :)


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