Time to Change

I've always thought that if I ran enough I'd lose weight. I've been going with that philosophy for 20+ years. It hasn't worked. 

So, time to admit defeat and learn/implement some new strategies:

1. Sleep more. Goal will be for 8 hours/night.

2. Read more. Goal will be to read about healthier foods/meals

3. Read more. Goal will be to read more for leisure (exercise the mind) - a book/month

4. Develop training plan(s) and change them up every 4-6 weeks

*Update 1-24-13*

Doing better on my first goal. I'm getting 8 hours on many nights. Also making headway on goals #2 and #3. I am reading Men's Fitness and Cooking Light magazines to help learn more about healthier foods and recipes and have started a new novel. 

Still working on goal #4.


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