Time management and design practices

Earlier this year I invested in a course for interior design and decorating. It is something I have wanted to do for many years. Now that I am actually working on assignment I realise that my time management skills required an upgrade. The prospect of dividing a working day into 25 minute bites with rests between attracted my attention and since beginning with the Pomodoro Technique I have come to the realisation that I need to rethink how I approach everything I do, not just the design assignments. 

This is what I think about the Pomodoro technique so far;

- I found the iphone app to be a bit distracting and also, I had to keep recharging my phone for the app to keep going when I required it.

- By using a simple kitchen timer I am not tempted to check social media pages on my phone each time I have a break. 

- As I am attempting to improve my drawing skills with regular practice, packaging drawing sessions into Pomodoro units helps me to break through the barrier of procrastination and fear of perfection and simply draw whatever I can in 25 minutes.

- I am gradually learning how long things actually take to do rather than being stressed by what I have not time to do.

- I am learning to stay focused on the most important tasks and actions rather take too many sidetracks that lead to dead ends. 

In summary, there is much more to the Pomodoro technique that time management and thinking of activities and tasks in terms of Pomodoro units is quite liberating. 


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