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Time for the Charm Bomb to Explode

"Time for the Charm Bomb to Explode"

I picked this quote from "Bob's Burgers" to give myself something fun to concept with.  

It's been a while since I've sat down and drawn something. Humbling.

Some rough thumbnails!






I like how the layout is broken up in #1, but I'm drawn to the quirkiness of elements from #2 & #3.

Here is my more refined pencil sketch. 

Revised Final illustration, the last one seemed overworked.

I can't stop... I had to add creepy "Charm" hands.

I thought I would try something different with "EXPLODE" 

I'm thinking of replacing it with this:

Here is my scanned in drawing, I'm moving on to the next class (there are some added lines to make the Live Trace step easier.



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