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Time for Tea?

"Time for Tea?"

I decided to keep my first hand-lettering project very simple: three words and a questionmark.  

This is a poster is a gift for my hard-working wife.  After three hours lecturing to undergraduates each morning she deserves a delicious hot beverage before she begins her afternoon work.  This poster is intended to remind her to take a break and take care of herself during her work day.  

A lesser known fact about the Irish is that we are the highest per capita tea drinkers of any western country.  Tea runs through our veins.  So this is a subject close to my heart!  

My concept for this poster is an advertising campaign, exhorting people to drink tea.  


I had a vague idea about tea and shipping in the 1930s.  As a kid we had a bunch of old tea shipping crates.  They left a distinct impression on me because of their large size (a kid could easily fit in one) and because of their bold stencilled letters.  So this was also in the mix.  

Below is my scattered brainstorming process.  

As I brainstormed I came up with the idea of somehow illustrating the journey from the tea plantation to your teacup.  But as I worked on it and did some picture research, it took on a 1930s retro-futurist feeling.  

Something about Kate's mention of the tin toys and the 1930s Flash Gordon-style rockets came to mind.  

So it has evolved into a 1930s-style poster, in the style of a packing crate label, illustrating the journey from plantations on Earth, where the tea is grown, to the cups of galactic colonists.  


Here is some of the reference material that I have gathered.  

I expect I will continue to gather reference material.  See what I'm thinking:



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