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Time for Art


This is my Day 1. I used a toothbrush and some watercolors. I usually don't make time to do art. I wait until everything else is taken care of and then, if I'm not too tired, I will draw or paint something. I am looking forward to committing myself to this class. Even though it isn't very long, it will still be a challenge to sketcheveryday for 5 days.


Day 2

I picked "aliens" from my magic bowl. I contemplated whether or not to re-pick b/c I've never really thought about drawing an alien. Anyway, I decided to commit to what I picked and this is what I came up with. I thought this was a fun project and I really like the magic bowl and I will add to it so that I will never not have anything to draw!!!


Day 3

I picked a felt pen and I rolled 6 minutes (actually sketched quickly with a colored pencil first- I'm not that brave!). Having a limited amount of time can either be stressful or free-ing depending on how one looks at it. For me it was free-ing because there was not going to be time for perfection!


Day 4

I used colored pencil and I chose working in the kitchen. Changing up where I draw makes the process a little more relaxed for me.   I lightly blind-doodled a little and I saw a bunny rabbit so that's what I drew!


Day 1 Embrace Your Art Challenge

Considering the word "root," I thought of when I started to love art. I was brought back to when I held my first crayon. And so I decided to use crayons to make my first drawing -though they're not Crayola brand- more like Caran d'Ache :P   The limitation I put for myself for this month of art is that I'm only going to draw dogs. They make me smile!


Day 5 Sketchbook Magic

I only had a few minutes today, but I used the magic bowl (after sitting around wondering what I would draw) and got wild animals. I might try to finish this later. As part of day 5, I drew 7 as the number of days I will be drawing as part of this  class. Kinda glad I didn't pick 30!


Day 2 Embrace Your Art Challenge

I can already feel the pressure of not having enough time to do art. But I'm making it a point to do something even if I don't have the luxury of time.  Place to me means where there is peace and tranquility.  Nature is that place for me.


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