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Time Stands Still

Our car climbed up the hills of Paso Robles, and each time we looked back we saw the horizon glowing with each minute. So we pulled off to the side of the road and ran through the fields to get a greater glimpse of the sunset.

As I approached this fence, it created a barrier between the expanse of the mountains I wanted to roam free in. I dared crossing over, but time traced the clouds passing over the sun, and I didn't have much left to arrange my escape.

We drove a little higher to a spot wide open, racing to get to the edge of the hill. Instead of leaping through the trees, I stood still, silenty gazing past the silky clouds, beyond the purple painted mounds. I dreamt of a valley where stars burst the moonlit sky and the dark mountain shadows rolled to the shoreline. In this moment I see the winter season separating the summer golden grass and I know I'll be back in this familiar place, running up the hillside into the quiet night. 


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