Time Management

Time Management - student project

My biggest challenge is my lack of time management skills.

I am constantly looking for new and improved ways to manage my time but never seem to be happy with the ones I try.

I get distracted far too easily and often feel remorseful after I realize that I've wasted all of my free time when there are so many interesting things that I want to do.

Lately, I have begun a bullet journal which allows me to focus more on actually doing things rather than staring at my to-do list in fear. It is also helping me learn to prioritize my time so that I focus on the tasks which are truly the most important.

I love the fact that I can change the layout of my bullet journal from week to week to fit my needs. I am already starting to see positive results of my neat and orderly to-do list. Tasks are getting done, both on a personal front and a professional one.

I'm not sure if these benefits will last for a long time but for once, I am feeling hopeful.

Misty Bourlart

Life is but a rough draft